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Emmanuel Sister Hood Baut is a community of women who have come together and taken up celibacy as a vocation. They live a life of chastity, prayer, poverty and work. Emmanuel Sister Hood is located some 12 Kilometers from the North West Provincial Headquarter of Bamenda towards the road to wum, in a quarter in Bafut Village called Agyati.

Historical Overview

The Community was first founded in 1971 and called Bethany Sisters. At the time in Makak in the center Province of Cameroon and affiliated to Eglise Presbyterienne du Cameroon (E.P.C.). After some time, the Sister Hood started facing strong resistance from the people of Makak and the environs whose daughters decided to become sisters instead of getting married, a contradiction to their culture and traditions. The sisters ath this point did not know what to do nor where to go.

How The Bethany Sisters Became Sister Hood Emmanuel and Affiliated to the P.C.C.

It happened that the then Moderator of the Presbyterian Church In Cameroon, Rt. Rev. J.C Kangsen of blessed memory accompanied by Rev. Su Aaron visited Makak. Confronted with the problems of the sisters, the moderator invited them to attend the P.C.C Synod Meeting that held in Kumba in April 1974. The General Secretary of the E.P.C, the Rev. Jonas Bagkagne was also in this Synod meeting. It was in this meeting that the General Secretary finally gave the approval for the P.C.C to take over the community. Thus the community became an institution under the P.C.C.

The next thing was were to settle. Thank God that the Rev. Aaron Su the then Director of Church Center Mankon led them to the Fon of Bafut, Fon Abumbi III who eventually gave them the piecc of land they settle. They finally arrived Bafut and settled on the land on the 18th November 1975. Six of them who left Makak to settle in Bafut under the leadership of Sister Magdaline Marie Handy foundedress of Sister Hood Emmanuel of Blessed memory.

The beginning was not easy for the foundress Sister Magdaline and the other sisters as they lived on rents and huts without any income. In the midst of all difficulties and chalenges, Sister Magdaline did not give up. She was ordained as the first femal Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon in January 1978, and died in January 1999. She was burried in the community's Cemetery.

Out of the four sisters who left Makak to settle at Bafut, only Sister Judith Ngo Nyemb is still living in the convent as of this date- 18 th April 2007 and is the present mother of the convent.

The first batch of consecrated sisters on the 24th November 1985 is as follows: Sister Judith Ngo Nyemb, Joy F. Joy, Jane Manka'a, Ann Emmanuel, Martha Ngo Nge and Regina Shu, of late. Sister Judith Ngo N. and Sr. Joy F. Toy are the only two sisters out of the six first consecrated that are still living in the community. Two have started a foundation some where, one is no longer in the vocation and one is of late. So far,, 1 sisters have been consecrated in five batches. The firs was conducted by the Moderator Emeritus, Rev. Anye Awasom.

Nine Pastors have served as chaplain in the Sister Hood Emmanuel Bafut. The Vole of chaplains is as follows:

Chaplain Date
  1. Rev. Rhim Gerhard
  2. Rev. Dr. David S. Gana
  3. Rev. Joe Set Aji-Mvo
  4. Rev. Lucas Asamba
  5. Rev. Fomuso Henry (B)
  6. Rev. Kilo Sammuel
  7. Rev. Nsai Godlove
  8. Rev. Mebeng David
  9. Rev. Nche Henuck
1980 - 1990
1990 - 1995
1995 - 1995
1999 - 2000
2000 - 2001
2001 - 2004
2004 - 2005
2005 - 2006
2006 till Date

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