East Mungo South Presbytery

Secretary: Rev. Fonki Samuel
Tel: 347-11-80
Cell: 777-80-45

Treasurer: Rev. Kulu Daniel Mokake
Tel: 339-07-55
Cell: 786-47-63

Chairman: Mr. Abiyah Angabo Moses
Cell: 774-55-69

Number of Congregations: 47

B.P 5747, Akwa Douala
Litoral Province
Presbytery Photo Map
Associate Pastor
Rev. Fonki Samuel/
Rev. Anye Frankline

Historical Facts

East Mungo South Presbytery was created during the 30th Synod of Assurance held at the Church Centre Mankon – Bamenda from the 21st to the 24th April 1996. The East Mungo South Presbytery was split from former East Mungo Presbytery.

The East Mungo South Presbytery was inaugurated on the 29th of September 1996 with six parishes and 28 Congregations. Bellow is the first care taker Government of the Presbytery:

Office Official Location
Chairman Elder Gana Zacharia P.C. Bassa
Vice Chairman Elder Mongwe Ekolle David P.C Bafoussam
Presbyterial Secretary Rev. Esau Anjoundong Adongatou East Mungo South
Presbyterial Treasurer Mr Ngah Adolf EastMungo South

No Names Congregation Duration
01 Elder Gana Zacharia P.C. Bassa 1996 – 1998
02 Elder Ada Kesi Makia P.C. Bonaberi 1998 – 2004
03 Elder Abiyah Angabo Moise P.C. Bafoussam 2004 – Till date

Bonaberi Rev. Kulu Daniel Mokake 786-47-63 --------
New Town Airport/Odleges Rev. Nchotu Moses 544-10-64 --------
Mbanga Pastor Njang Njock Mpey 713-81-28 --------
Souza Rev. Wung Tem John 766-66-69 --------
Nkongsamba Rev. Njaba Joseph 710-12-32 --------
Rev. Beng Timothy
Rev. Asanji Richard
Dschang Chaplaincy Rev. Montoh Simon 794-37-61 --------
Edea Rev. Bah Geoffrey 731-86-55 --------
Melong Rev. Chomchishi Charles 763-50-90 --------
Bassa/Hospital Chaplaincy Rev. Christina Tantoh 590 87 80 --------
Foumbot Rev. Ndumbi Francis 513-00-61 --------
Foumban Rev. Fandio Z. N. 572-39-04 --------

No Names Congregation Duration
01 Elder Molongwe David Ekolle P.C. Bafoussam 1996 – 1998
02 Elder Abiyah Angabo Moise P.C. Bafoussam 1998 – 2004
03 Elder Abeng Justine P.C. Bonamoussadi 2004 – Till date

No Name Duration
01 Rev. Esau Anjoundong Adongatou 1996 – 1998
02 Rev. Jum Ignatius K 1998 – 2005
03 Rev. Fonki Samuel 2005 – Till date

No Name Duration
01 Mr. Ngah Adolf 1996 – 1998
02 Mr. Jude Muton -
03 Mr. Eyakwe George -
04 Mr. Mbikang -
05 Rev. Shu Peter Ndonwi -
06 Rev. Masok Emmanuel Basam -
07 Rev. Kulu Daniel Mokake 2005 till date

The Presbytery has grown numerically and financially. As at now the Presbytery is proud of 14 Parishes with 17 Pastors.

The Presbytery has a strong Christian Women Fellowship Movement headed by Elder Abeng Justine who doubles as the National president of the Movement

There is a strong Christian Men Fellowship Movement headed by Ntumfor Halle and a strong Christian Youth Fellowship Movement headed by Mr. Tukwa Wilfred

There are other Choir groups such as the Halleluyah Choir, Temple Choir, English Choir Association, BAPRESCA, Ndola Kristo, Junior Choir, Congregational Choirs, Bethel Choirs, Kangson Memorail Choir, Sesa Yehova Choir, Foundation Choir, etc



Bonamoussadi Congregtion

The Synod of 26th June 1996 at Bamenda created our Presbytery and it was inaugurated a few months later. The 1st Presbyterial Secretary was Rev. Esau Adongatou from the 26th June 1996 to 30th June 1998; the second was Rev. Jum Ignatius from 1st July 1998 to 30th June 2005 and from 1st July 2005 till date we have Rev. Fonki Samuel.

The 1stPresbyterial treasurer was Mr. Jude Muton, October 1997 to August 1998; Rev. Peter Shu, August 1998 to 30th June 2003; Rev. Masock Emmanuel 1st July 2003 to 30th June 2005; Rev. Kulu Mokake 1st July 2005 to date.

The 1st Congregations that made up the New EMSP were: Bonamoussadi as headquarters, Bonaberi, Bassa, New Town Airport, Edea, Mbongo, Nyietι, Souza, Mbanga, Njombe, Mombo, Manjo, Nkongsamba, Melong, Bafoussam, Tyo-Ville, Foumban, Dschang, etc.

Our Prayer Cell started in 1969, under no pastor, with a few workers of the Cameroon Railways and Ports Authority. This was because of language difficulties in worshipping with our sister church (E.E.C) Eglise Evangelique du Cameroon with whom we had been worshipping with. They used French, Douala, Bamoun, and different Bamilikee languages in worshipping in their various congregations

We constituted ourselves into a congregation in February 1970, when one Mr. Moses Njang Vice Headmaster of the Lone English Anglican Primary School negotiated with a nearby Church (E.P.C) Eglise Presbyterienne Camerounaise for a place of worship; and our English speaking brothers became the third congregation in that church house under Rev. Pastor Andrι Sanam-a-Booto. Other languages there were:- Bulu, Bafia and then English.

The first Chairman was Mr. Bah Musoro Emmanuel (Congregational servant). The first elders were:

  • Elder Awara Elias
  • Elder Chief Sama Mbatu Njah
  • Elder Bah Musoro Emmanuel
  • Elder Elizabeth Samkoh

There were about 30-45 Christians at that time and the principal ones still around are:- Mr. and Mrs. Bah Musoro, Mr. Awara Elias, Mr. Moses Atanga, Mr. Ane Seth, Ms. Grace Neba, and Ms. Esther Abanda. The congregation was inaugurated on Sunday 14th November 1971 in a joint service with E.P.C. Synod when the Moderator in Yaounde finally confirmed and granted us one hour of worship every Sunday, not more!. We finally transferred ourselves to our sister Church E.E.C after many negotiations between them and our English Congregation led by Mr. Bah Musoro and late Mr. Peter Tingwey on 1st December 1972. There, the 1st baptism under ESP/EEC was done by Rev. J. N. Nfomou on 21st April 1974 and the 1st done under PCC was on 17th December 1978 by Re. Mbok Tabot who was our first P.C.C pastor.

The Foundation Stone of our church was laid on 16th December 1990 by the Very Rt. Rev. H.A. Awasum. It can be concluded that this congregation was founded in 1969 in Citι Sic Bassa in the house of Mr. & Mrs. Bah Musoro, where the Prayer Cell actually started.

The first PCC Synod members who came to our congregation were late Very Rt. Rev. J.C. Kangsen and Rev. Thomas Ediage plus Rev. Shu where they partook in the inauguration of our 1st 45 choir robes in August 1976. We became Presbyters in June 1996. The EMSP has 43 Congregations and the Douala Zone has 7. C.M.F was founded in 1981, C.W.F in 1975 and C.Y.F. in 1972.


Bonaberi Congregation

The Bonaberi Congregation started as a Prayer Cell on the 17th of May 1985 in the EEC Besseke under Rev. Andre Moukoko and Evangelist Timothy Zegap. The reason for this was because the distance from Bonberi and Bonamoussadi was far and financially demanding. The language barrier and the growing number of PCC Christians caused them to request separate English service in 1983. This request was only granted in 1985 and the first service was held on May 17th 1985 at 10:30 a.m. after the EEC service. This was the beginning of the Prayer Cell which worshipped in the premises of EEC Besseke till August 13, 1989. Around 1989 another PCC Prayer Cell was worshipping in College Tonji in Mabanda near Apilcam. Both groups approached sister Ada Kesi and asked her permission to start an English service in one of the classroom of her school. Meanwhile she had been running a Sunday School for her pupils in the school premises – BKPS. The first Church service in BKPS was held on August 20th 1989 with about 40 Christians.

  • P.C. Bonaberi was granted a Congregation in 1991 and Elder Abarda Evans (late) was the first chair person from 1991 to 1993.
  • The First elders were
    • Elder Abarda Evans (Late)...........Chairperson
    • Elder Tambi Grace......................Vice Chairperson
    • Njeh Emmans.............................Secretary
    • Suh Odilia..................................Treasurer
    • Butchusafor Gideon......................Financial Secretary
    • Elder Fominyen Oscar
    • Elder Mengot Clara
    • Elder Ngen Bertha
    • Elder Chi Abednego (Late)

By 1993, there were about 300 Christian. Principal Christians were Ms Grace Tambi, Ms Odilia Suh, Mr. Gideon Butchusafor, Mr. Oscar Fominyen, Ms Mengot Clara, Ms Ngen Bertha (USA), Mr. Chi Abednego (late), Dr Yimfor Joseph, Mr. Fomefrie Elias, Mr. Atome Martin (Late), Ms Asamba Elizabeth, Ms Neba Grace, Dr. Mambe (South Africa), Mr. Tantoh Christopher, Mr. Ada Kesi, Mr. Ngang Jacob, Mr. Endoh Isiah, Mr. Nangah Thaddeus, etc.

The congregation was inaugurated in 1993 and the first Baptism took place in December 1991 conducted by Rev. Esau Andongatou. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Moderator Rt, Rev.Dr. Nyansako-ni-Nku on March 6th 2005. The first Synod representatives that visited the congregation were:

  • Rev. Dr. S.K. Kengwa and Mr. Godlove Nubed on March 19th 1997
  • The Rt.Rev.Dr. Nyansako-ni-Nku and entourage on November 07th 1999
  • The Rev. Dro Anyambod delegation made up of Rev. I.k. Jum, Mr. Baboni Joseph and Mr. Ebai Vicitor in April 2001

We became a Parish in 1993 at that time composed of P.C. Bonaberi, P.C. New Town Airport and P.C. Bekoko. The Parish is now made up of three congregations namely P.C. Bonaberi, P.C. Bekoko and P.C. Ndobo. The Movements were inaugurated in the following date CMF…………………….1991, CWF……………1990 and CYF…………….Sept. 12th 1989.


P.C. New Town Airport Congregation

The Prayer Cell started in 1991 under Rev. Esau Andongatou. The reason that led to the establishment of this Prayer Cell was the distance to go to Bonamoussadi. They were many Christians around the area who needed God’s message. The Congregation had recognition from the Synod in 1994 and the first Chairperson was Elder Temo Richard. The first elders were:

  • Elder Temo Richard
  • Elder Ambe Samuel
  • Elder Kameni Andre
  • Elder Muluh Francisca
  • Elder Ambe Elizabeth
  • Elder Fombang Elias
  • Elder Mpoh Miriam

There were about 350. Christians. The principal Christians were: Mr. Ayuk Philip, Mr. Nji John, Ms. Tute Sophie, Mr. Tute Joseph, Ms Bessibe Beatrice, Ms Njiamang Rose, Ms Anna Check, Ms Tebah Josephine, Mr. Bessibe Anthony, Ms Ndam Jeannette.

The first Baptism took place in July 1994 and the Foundation Stone was laid in April 2001. The congregation was founded in 1992. The Rev. Nyansko-ni-Nku and wife, the then synod clerk visited our congregation. We became a Parish in July 2006 and our Parish is made up of P.C New Town Airport, Youpwe and Essengue.

The Movements were inaugurated in the following dates. CMF…………………….1993, CWF……………1993 and CYF…………….1994.


P.C. Bassa

Our Prayer Cell started in 1992 and the reason for the establishments was the distance to move to Bonamoussadi. We wanted the Gospel to spread in that area of Douala. Our Congregation was inaugurated in 1993 and the first Chairperson was Pa. Gana Zacharia.

    The First Elders were:
  • Elder Gana Zacharia
  • Elder Epalle Rose
  • Elder Ngwa Benjamin
  • Elder Mbengu David
  • Elder Achu Grace
  • Elder Abia Debora
  • Elder Fomboutu Richard

Principal Christians were Mr. Fohtung Martin, Late Mr. Epalle Francoise, Ms. Achu Florence, Ms. Mbah Rose and Mr. Mbaanim Emmanuel. There were about 350 Christians at that time. The Congregation was inaugurated in 1994 and the first Baptism/Confirmation took place in 1993. The congregation was founded in 1992. The first Synod representative who visited our congregation was the Very Rt. Rev. Awasum.

We became a Parish in 2000 and our Parish is now made up of P.C. Bassa and Citι de la Paix.

The Movements were inaugurated as follows: CMF…………………….1992, CWF……………1993 and CYF…………….1993.

Citι de la Paix

It started as a Prayer Cell on 5th of March 1997 and it gained congregational status in 2003. The founder of Citι de la Paix is Elder Gwan Peter transferred from P.C. Bonamoussadi. He is the first Chairman of the congregation till date. The congregation had 100 Christians at that time. The first Baptism took place on the 27th July 1992.

    The following are the first elders:
  • Elder Gwan Peter
  • Elder Ngum Salome (late)
  • Elder Celine Miki
  • Elder Sah Frida
  • Elder Gwan Magdaline
  • Elder Gwan Rose
  • Elder Tamufor Grace
  • Elder Ateh Beatrice (late)
  • Elder Sunday Clement
  • Elder Helen Musoro
  • Elder Fomumgom Peter (late)

The first Synod representative to visit our congregation was Chief Mrs. Ada Kesi Makia former E.M.S.P. chairperson.

The Movements were inaugurated as follows: CMF…………12th October 2003,, CWF…24th October 2004 and CYF……20th January 2002.


P.C. Mbanga

The Christians of P.C. Mbanga started worshipping in EEC but officially withdrew and started a Prayer Cell in 1993. The brains behind this coordination were Pa. Wortani, Pa Ngandie Zacheus, Mami Ngwa Grace and Mrs. Ngandie Elmina. The first communion service and Baptism was conducted in 1993 with Rev. Esau Andongatou. In 1994 the congregation was approved with the first Parish Pastor Rev. Efange Gustav.

    The first elders were:
  • Elder Ngandie Zacheus
  • Elder Ngassa
  • Elder Mbeng Regina
  • Elder Ngwa Grace
  • Elder Ashu Megot

The Movements were inaugurated as follows: CMF…………………….2004, CWF……………2002 and CYF…………….1994.

Mbanga Parish now has 5 congregations and one Prayer Cell as re-carved and became operational in July 2006 as follows: P.C. Mbanga, Mombo, Kombe, Penja, Njombe and Mujuka.

P.C. Mombo

The Christians started worshipping in the EEC then Mr. Ngandie Zacheus and Mr. Wortani visited Mombo and started a Prayer Cell at Mr. Abong Richards’s house on the 10th August 1993. The visiting Pastor’s were Rev. Esau Andongatou and Rev. Peter Nji-ah.

    The first elders were:
  • Elder Aghaindum Isaac………………..(Chairman)
  • Elder Tergu Alfred
  • Elder Abeiya Doris
  • Elder Anjoh Martha
  • Elder Andoji Jacob

P.C. Kombe

It started as a Prayer Cell in 1990. Most Presbyterian Christians had to form a Prayer Cell for worship. Mr. Enow William was the first Chairperson form 1997 to 2001 with the following Elders:

  • Elder Owi Magarate
  • Elder Yiti Comfort
  • Elder Foghang Beactrice
  • Elder Enow William

The congregation gained it status in 1994. Principal Christians were Ms. Yati Comfort, Ms. Oteh Beatrice, Mr. Enow William, Ms. Owi Margarate, Ms. Pauline Teke, Ms Mbong Susan, Ms Ako Dorothy, Ms Foghang Beatrice, Mr. Osuku Philip, Mr. Kucha Levi, Mr. Enyi Zacheus etc.The congregation was inaugurated in 1994.


P.C Souza

On the 14th of April 1995, Pa Mugie rallied Christians and started worshipping at the English Primary School Souza. Principal Christians at that time were Mr. Edward Mugrie, Mr. Shu Patrick, Mr. Armstrong Peter Apang, Mr. Fon Richard etc. Pa Edward Mugrie was the first Chairman. Other prominent Christians who made an impact in the congregation were Elder Mekong Abraham, Elder Emeka Marcus, Elder Suh Judith and Elder Oru Susan.

The Parish is made up of 05 congregations and three Prayer Cells which are P.C Souza, Kompina Town, Nkoume-City, Kompina I, Kompina II, Tillo, Mbonjo and Makake. The Parish was created and began operation in July 2006.

P.C. Kompina Town

It started as a Prayer Cell on January 2nd 1992 with five Christians as follows Mr. Buki William Nji, Mr. Ayuk Samuel, Mr. Dambi Titus, Ms. Amuzang Elizabeth and Mr. Ambi Timothy. The first caretaker committee was made up of:

  • Mr. Ayuk Samuel…….Chairman
  • Mr. William Nji………..Secretary
  • Ms. Amouzang Grace……Treasurer

The first Synod representative to visit our congregation was Chief Mrs. Ada Kesi in 1993.

The Movements were inaugurated as follows: CMF…………………….2004, CWF……………2002 and CYF…………….1994.

Kompina II

PCC Christians of Kompina II could not understand French language as they worshipped in the EEC Church. They were now forced to form a Prayer Cell. Their congregation gained status in 1994. The first Chairperson Elder Ngwa Simon is there till date. The following were also the first elders:

  • Elder Banki Batheseba
  • Elder Mami Christina (late)
  • Elder Ambindi Peter

There were 36 Christians at that time. The principal Christians were Late Mr. Banki Emmanuel, Mr. Ambindi Peter, Mrs. Neh Grace Ngwa, Mrs Ondu Therese and Mrs. Tinyu Odilia. The congregation was inaugurated in 1994 and the first Baptism and confirmation took place in December 1994.


P.C. Moumee

    P.C. Moumee
  • Elder Funny John
  • Elder Akwe Julie
  • Elder Lum Mary

The principal Christians were Mr. Ngoh Samson, Mr. John Kum, Ms. Akwe Julie and Ms. Lum Mary. The first Baptism took place in June 2000 .

The Movements were inaugurated as follows: CMF…………………….2004, CWF……………2002 and CYF…………….2003.


P.C Bafoussam

It started as a congregation breaking out from the EEC Bafoussam in the evening of 29th October 1983 under Rev. Dr. S.A.K. Ndingwan. Reason for the establishment was to encourage Anglophone Christians to come together and worship God.

The congregation gained it status in February 1984. The first Chairperson was Elder John Lima. The first elders were:

  • Elder John Lima……………………………….. Chairman
  • Elder Phillip Fobanjong…………………….Secretary
  • Elder Grace Yudom………………………….Treasurer
  • Elder Shube Mary
  • Elder Anye Marcus Fru
  • Elder Regina Bilong……………………………Assistant Secretary

Other principal Christians were Achu Edward, Mrs. Fombong, Ms. Elizabeth Fomujong, Mr. Asanji, Mr. Martin Tikum, Ms. Lydia Tankou, Mrs. Pauline Nkwenti, Mr. Jacob Vubangsi, Mr. Donald Musang, Mr. Zacharia Azuazem etc. there were about 45 active Christians at that time.

The congregation was inaugurated in 1986. The first Baptism / Confirmation took place on 2nd February 1984. The Foundation Stone was laid on March 2003.

The first Synod representative that visited the congregation was Rt. Rev. Awasum; the Moderator of the PCC at that time. The Parish is made up of four congregations and one Prayer Cell. Bafoussam, Tyo-ville, Bagante, Bafang, Baham.

The following Movements were inaugurated as follows: CMF…………………….July 1992, CWF……………1983 and CYF…………….1983.

P.C Bagantι

It was created in 1997 by Rev. Ngome Elias. The Major reasons were difficulties of understanding French language and the refusal to give the English Choir its status in the EEC Church. The congregation gained its status in February 2002 with its first chairman Pa Kum Phillip.The first Baptism and Confirmation was 1998.

    The first elders were:
  • Elder Chick Vincent
  • Elder Njodzeka Comfort
  • Elder Tokouat Jeannette
  • Elder Ku Phillip

The following Movements were inaugurated as follows: CMF…………………….October 2005, CWF……………October 2004

P.C Bafang

The Prayer Cell started on the 30th of May 1995 under Rev. Fandio. The reason for the creation was that Presbyterian worshipping in the EEC and other denominations wanted their own unique way of worship in the PCC. The first Chairperson was Mr. Njikang Morminstar. There were about 15 Christians. The first principal Christians are Mr. Kifem Napoleon, Nyenti Glory, Ms. Nyenti Glory, Mr. Mballe Makoge, Ms. Momie Oilia etc.

The fist Baptism and Confirmation took place in November 2000. The Prayer Cell was founded on November 2000. The Movements were inaugurated as follows C.W.F….September 2000, C.M.F……..June 2000, C.Y.F. February 2005.


P.C Foumbot

It started as a Prayer Cell in 1998. The Christians worshipping in EEC wanted a unique way of worship the PCC, they were granted congregational status in 1998. The first chairperson was late Tata Loyo Paul.

    The first Elders were:
  • Elder Tamji Martha
  • Elder Kongso Mary
  • Elder Ms. Mbincho Martin
  • Elder Achu Joan

The principal Christians were Mr. Dongso Charles, Ms. Anna Achu, Mr. Waji Peter, Ms Gladys Shiri, Ms. Irine Beri, Ms. Mbuebe Pauline etc. The congregation was inaugurated in 1998. The first Baptism took place in 1998. The Parish is made up of PC Foumbot, Mbankoup and Mangeh.

The Movements were inaugurated as follows C.W.F. ………1990, C.M.F. created in 1992 and C.Y.F. created in 1999.


P C Fomban

They were granted congregational status in 1990. Their first Chairperson Elder Chunga Patrick and the first elders were:

  • Elder Kotti Emmanuel
  • Elder Nyamboli Phillip
  • Elder Mrs. Kotti

The principal Christians were Pa. Mundi Alfred, Pa Njongi Joseph, Ms. Susan Mondi. First Baptism and Confirmation was in 1989

Movements were as follows: CMF…………………….1990, CWF……………1989 and CYF…………….1990. Fomban Parish is made up of two congregations and two prayer cells

P.C Koutaba

It was started because of distance Christians had to cover to Foumbot. It gained congregational status in 2001. The first chairperson Elder Lyonga Wilson and his first Elders were:

  • Elder Esther Ngum
  • Elder Ngala Lucy
  • Elder Andonguakum Achunche S.

There were about 60 christians. The principal Christians were late Pa. Ngongang. Mrs. Ngopang, Mr. /Mrs. Ngoh Pius etc. The first Baptism and Confirmation took place in 1997.

Inaugurations of Movements were as follows: CMF…………………….1998, CWF……………1997 and CYF…………….2000.

Shanas Prayer Cell

The Prayer Cell was started on the 2nd February 2002 under Rev. Fandio Z.N. the reason for the creation was the difficulties to understand the French language. The first Chairman was Mr. Atebong Chrispus E. and his first Elders were:

  • Elder Andong Godlove
  • Elder Menkem Charlotte

38 Christians started the Prayer Cell with principal Christians being as follows: Mr. Nutong Joseph, Pa Andong Godlove, Ma Andong Dorothy, Menkem Joseph.

The Prayer Cell was inaugurated on the 4th March 2003.


East Mungo South Presbytery of the PCC looks promising. This can be seen in their numerical statistics and financial growth. There are all indications that the Presbytery stands a better chance to contribute immensely to the giant programme of the PCC Self Reliance Programme. There is no doubt the Presbytery has many Christians with a high spirit of giving especially in the Douala City. We pray that God should continue to make His will be accomplished in the spread of the Gospel in Cameroon and the World.